GAGD Volunteer Opportunities

Committee on Provider Approval Continuing Education

Responsible for determining whether continuing education courses offered within the GAGD's jurisdiction should be recognized for Fellowship and Mastership credit in accordance with the guidelines established by AGD Headquarters.

Continuing Education Committee

Responsible for carrying out the overall direction from the Board in developing and implementing Continuing Education programs and for securing annual sponsorships.

Annual Sponsorship Committee

Works with members of the CE Committee and staff to develop an annual tiered sponsorship program.

Georgia Dental Association (GDA) Collaborative Committee

Build a collaborative partnership with the GDA; develop potential initiatives both organizations can promote and/or partner on together; work with the GDA to develop a GP law day.

Committee on Legislative, Governmental Affairs and Dental Practice

Provide recommendations on positions to be taken by the Georgia AGD with regard to legislative proposals being considered in the state; investigate and continually study any dental care programs, including third party programs, existing within the state, that has an effect on the general practice of dentistry.

State Dental Board Liaison Committee

Chair and committee members will attend state dental board meetings and submit reports to the GAGD Board. The purpose of the committee is to enable increased communication and amplify the voice of the general dentist in regulatory actions across the state.

Membership Committee

Assume the responsibility for an ongoing membership recruitment campaign; develop programs for recruiting, retaining, and reinstating members of the GAGD.

Public Information Committee

Develop and oversee a communications plan to the members and public; communicate information with dental professionals through emails, mailings, website, faxes and newsletters.

Dental School Relations Committee

Promote a positive image of the AGD to students and faculty; develop and oversee the FellowTrack program and lunch-and-learn opportunities for the students.

Committee on Constitution, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs

Annually review GAGD Bylaws; make recommendations to both the Board of Directors and the General Assembly on any proposed changes in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Strategic Planning Committee

Oversee the ongoing process of developing a long-range plan that addresses the priorities of GAGD members, the Board, and Committees, and is structured so that Board Members, Committees can systematically meet the needs of the membership.

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Get Involved

  • Good Samaritan Health Center
    • The Good Samaritan Health Center provides individuals and families affordable access to health care services. goodsamatlanta.org

  • Georgia Dental Association's Georgia Mission of Mercy (GMOM)

“Dentists are known for their compassion and giving nature. What we don't do well is toot our own horn for doing good deeds. I am willing to bet that you won't look far for a colleague who has gone on a mission trip, volunteers at a local clinic, or volunteers for organized dentistry in some way. Just ask them and they will tell you that they feel they get back a lot more than they give. There is also camaraderie and fun involved with volunteering on any level.”

Carol A. Wooden, DDS, MAGD, "Organized Dentistry - A Must for Your Future." GAGD Explorer, Spring 2015.