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georgia AGD advocacyThe Academy of General Dentistry is committed to bringing current issues to the General Dentist and providing resources for their members to advocate for their profession and their patients. Learn About Current Issues

The Legislative Chair
The role of the Legislative Chairperson of the Academy of General Dentistry is to set a plan of action for legislative and regulatory activity within his or her constituent. These appointees are responsible for remaining alert to proposed state legislative and regulatory changes affecting general dentists, communicating such changes to colleagues and initiating lobbying activities regarding issues that require action by the dental profession.

Information on the 2.3% excise tax which takes effect 2013:
The excise tax will be levied on manufacturers and importers of "dental devices," including dental labs. The manufacturer or importer of the taxable medical device is responsible for reporting and paying the tax.

There will be no obligation on the part of the dentist to report or file anything with the IRS.

While a dentist may not have a filing/reporting requirement, it will likely mean that the price of such medical devices purchased by the dentist will increase.

The IRS issued proposed (not final) rules in February of 2012. Those rules suggest that equipment and materials such as restorative materials, hand instruments, surgical instruments and endodontic filling material will be subject to the 2.3% excise tax.

-- from Dr. Sarabess Baumrind, GAGD Advocacy Chair

Brittany Thome, DMDBrittany Thome, DMD
Georgia Legislative Chair for the AGD

Brittany Thome, DMD grew up in the Snellville area and attended Providence Christian Academy. She attended Furman University and later received her D.M.D. degree from the Medical College of Georgia. Since graduating in 2007, Dr. Thome has practiced in Greenville, South Carolina and recently moved back to Georgia to be closer to family. She currently practices with Dr. Victor Koehler at Creekside Family Dentistry in Loganville. Dr. Thome has been inducted into the Hinman Dental Society and is pursuing her Masters in Business from Harvard University through online courses.

"My goals as Legislative Chair are to increase awareness and interest of legislative issues that the dental profession is facing and utilize information resources such as the web and mass emails to provide up-to-date information and facilitate action on current topics. The Profession of Dentistry continues to evolve as providers and the public are becoming increasingly aware of issues that affect health care. It is imperative that we bring to the forefront the need for legislative involvement by all members of the AGD to maintain our standard of care and stay abreast of activity on both the national and local level that may affect how we care for our patients."

Email Dr. Thome:

Visit the AGD Advocacy page to stay on top of current events and communicate with your AGD Representatives.

Midlevel Providers - Why Advocacy Matters

The face of dentistry is changing, as we know it. You can’t go to a dental meeting, read a dental magazine, or speak with a colleague without the words “midlevel providers” being mentioned. Those words are common and familiar to us all but how did it get that way?

ADHP History
According to the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA) website, in 2004 the decision was made to pursue the establishment of an ADHP. In 2006 the ADHA staged a Lobby Day where over 170 dental hygienists and dental hygiene students from across the United States traveled to Washington, DC and met with legislators about the need for the ADHP. In 2007 their efforts only intensified and became more effective. The ADHA president at the time testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services about funding for oral health programs, including ADHP. Subsequently, members of ADHA visited with members of Congress. In 2008 and 2009 their efforts were rewarded. Fone’s School of Dental Hygiene in Bridgeport, Connecticut began planning for an ADHP education program, and Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota approved the first ADHP Master’s program.

So why review such an exhaustive history of what is now a hot topic in dentistry? We could learn a valuable lesson from it. Change happens through the active participation in legislation. Now is not the time to sit on the sideline and hope that everything works out for the best.

What can you do to stay on the forefront of our evolving profession?
First, stay connected. One lone dentist is not able to have much of an impact, but a common voice of many will be heard.

Secondly, be active. Listen, speak and use your time and energy to do your part. Now is the time to stand up and play a role! There are multiple ways to become involved and make a difference. The Georgia Academy of Dentistry is always looking for volunteers to help out in various capacities. If you are interested, I would love the chance to speak with you. Please contact me at for more information.

Midlevel Providers and Workforce

The AGD recently released "The Academy of General Dentistry Position on Workforce Issues." As discussions ensued in the ADA House of Delegates, the Academy felt it necessary and timely to write an official stance on the issue. With the best interests of the patient at the forefront, the policy "…recognizes the dentist as the captain of the dental team, the person to ensure the optimal oral health of the public he or she serves, and the only dental team member with the complete education and training to form a diagnosis, create a comprehensive treatment plan, and perform irreversible procedures, surgeries, and other treatments that will physically alter the patient. Direct supervision of the dental team by the dentist is critical to ensuring the safety and well-being of the patient."

To see the document in full, please go to

For more information on this topic or other advocacy issues,
Email Dr. Thome:


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